1、Visiting Greece
2、Check your potential investment oppotunities
3、Obtain personal tax number

4、Open Greek Bank account
5、Property Survey
6、Signing Pre/Formal Contract
7、Property Registering

Visiting Greece 

For all kinds of investments in Greece, there are certain procedures we need to follow. First of all, being in the place where you want to invest and to feel right about it. To live like a local person and feel the atmosphere around you, to taste Greek food which is famous for its healthy way of cooking. 

Greece itself actually produce a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. A French friend who owns an apartment in the centre of Athens, he always buy fresh oranges in the nearby market and keep in his fridge, and he said to have a glass of orange juice in the morning is his happiness cause he didn’t find such good taste in France. Yes orange! it’s such a simple and common fruit, you can find everywhere, but the tase is so different. Greece has the best olive oil due to its geographic location, and almost every island produces its own wine or fresh beer, last year I went to an island called Samothrakis, there are more than 5000 wild goats living in this island, and as you can imagine there is the best restaurant in Greece who has the best knowledge cooking goat meat, we waited more than 2 hours to have a table for two, what an experience! 

Summer time is the best time to visit Greek islands, don’t miss it! Greece has so many beautiful islands with its own historic inheritance, together with the crystal clean water and wonderful food, will offer you an unforgettable holiday!
Athens is the capital of Greece, if you are a fan of culture and history, you will be fascinated by the old historic centre Plaka, Acropolis and museums, Concerts in the thousand years old open air ancient theatre, you can easily go back to 5th-century BC, also there are lot of small cafes, bars with great cocktails, old family restaurant with Greek buzukia music, and most important is the Greek people, their hospitalities will definitely put a smile in your face.

8 years living in Athens, sometimes I ask myself what is keep me here? The sea, the sun, of course they are part of it, but most important part is the Greek people, they are warm-hearted, they always ready to help you if you are in the street lost your direction, they are open minded, they wants to know where are you from and learn the other culture, they still fond of their own village dance, they are lovely people that you will like to have around you in everyday life.

Check your potential investment oppotunities

What you must know before buying a property in Greece is that you should find a reputable team of professionals to guide you through the purchasing process. First of all you’ll need an experienced and trustful realtor to search for properties that you want, a  lawyer to protect your rights and represent you in contract negotiations and a notary when you are in the final stages of closing and transferring the property. When purchasing existing property, it’s also wise to have an architect and engineer conduct an inspection to make sure your property is structurally sound and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

As a foreigner to find each one in such team is very difficult, What I can do for you is I can act as your representative in Greece and take care of all the job from there, I am is a realtor, and from more than 8 years work, I have very reliable and responsible partners from lawyer, Notary to architect and engineer, I have been working closely with my team, so I am very confident to provide you the services from finding a property until you have a completely ownership. And there are more details has to be done through the process which I can guide you through smoothly. And there are more advantages to have your own representative when you can’t be in Greece all the time, I can manage your property by your authorisation, I can work with the accountant about your house tax in Greece, I can deal with the government authorities if there is any problem occurs, there are some things we can’t picture in advance, but if you have your own representative who is working for you, you will not need to worry about any problem concerning the property would happen in the future, because I will take care for you.
So I want you to focus on finding your dream house! To get to know a place well takes time and the first impression is important. A good first impression starts with having all of the necessary information about the property at your fingertips. I will arrange for this information per your request. To begin, I will research anything from the age of the building and specific square meters to the location and neighbourhood amenities. From the first visit, you will start to get a better feel for Greece and what exactly you are looking for. I believe there is a fast connection between the space and the person. Sometimes you are drawn to something and know right away that it is for you. Other times, it takes more time. I will be here for you every step of the way. My job is to help you find the investment property you are looking for and it fills me with joy every time the job is done. 

Obtain personal tax number

For whoever wants to make investment in Greece, there is a condition you have to fulfil is to obtain your personal tax number in Greece, there are two tax systems  in Greece, one is for the Greek citizens, the other is for the foreigners.
For the moment, A foreigner can go to the tax office which is especially for foreigners to apply for the tax number, you need to bring your representative who is legally living in Greece and pay personal tax in Greece. And the application can be done in a day.

Open Greek Bank account

It is my suggestion to open your own Greek bank account, the reason is for your own finance safety. You can choose to continue holding the account or close the account after the deal.

Property Survey
Every Real Estate market is different, in Greece, because it had 11 years economic crisis, so there are quite some problems with the properties, Property Survey is a task I won’t suggest you NOT to do it.

A lawyer will be needed to check the title of the property, background of the owner, an architect and engineer should conduct an inspection to make sure your property is structurally sound and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

Signing Pre/Formal Contract

After the survey,  to secure the purchase, a down-payment of up to 10 per cent (depending on the property value) is usually deposited by the buyer but is not mandatory. Once negotiations have been concluded, the owner gathers all tax, legal and technical documents that are required, the purchase-transfer tax is paid for by the buyer, the purchase is ready to go.

The seller and the buyer or their representative with the lawyers should be present in Notary’s office for signing the official contract. The Notary will read the contract in front of everyone, lawyers will confirm all the details, and the seller and buyer will finally sign each page of the contract, I have to notice that the contract is in Greek, so a translator will needed to be on spot if seller or buyer doesn’t speak Greek.

Property Registering
Keep in mind, once the purchase-contract deed has been signed, it must be registered with the relevant Hellenic Cadastre and/or the Mortgage Registry depending on the location of the property. Only then, does the buyer obtain full ownership rights.


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